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2018 Combined Giving Campaign: From a Tiny Spark Bursts a Flame!

2017 Combined Giving Campaing Logo

Welcome to our annual Combined Giving Campaign! This year’s theme embraces community, both our own workplace community and the public community that benefits from our generous donations. Thanks to the great work of everyone working together this year, we are ready to get to work by giving together – and having fun!


October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Cyber security is a shared responsibility among all City staff, do your part by learning more about best internet and Cyber security practices.
Beware of phishing emails

Do your part by learning about Phishing Prevention!

  • Pause and read before you start clicking.
  • Misspelled words and poor grammar as well as threatening and urgent language and all indications of a suspicious email.
  • Check the sender before opening an email.
  • Hover over links to see the REAL address before clicking on them

Additional Information from the Department of Homeland Security

Cyber Security Presentation by Alicia Fugate

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